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David Garfinkel
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Jet Fuel for Your Business...
9 power-packed video modules.
  • ​​The 8 crucial steps that ruthlessly and systematically trigger dopamine, oxytocin, serotonina and endorphins... Layering them into a "Pleasure Prison" so that your prospect is enthralled by you -- and only you!
  • ​DIVINE AND CONQUER. Conversely, 3 simple steps to transform a person's "Fight and Flight" response into fabulous wealth​
  • ​​The right words to speak, and sentences to construct... To cut through all that noise so you become your customer's ONE TRUE VOICE in a wilderness of info overload.
  • ​Did you know not all emotions drive buying behaviour? Here are the 6 most effective ones.
  • ​The Sinister Secret of the Lawyers That Drafted the Climate Change Laws, aka how to use jargon to create massive, undisputed leverage.
  • ​Your Treasure is in Your Tribe. How to create an audience that becomes a waterfall of profit forever.
  • ​And much, much more.
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