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To the Service Provider Sick and Tired of Nightmare Clients and the Vicious Feast/Famine Cycle...
How to Channel Your Expertise into a Sustainable 6-Figure Income Stream By Creating Desirable Courses -- Without the Anxiety of Prospecting, Delivery and Lead Generation
(And FIRE YOUR CLIENTS if you so choose!)
Dear Expert/Solopreneur/Agency Owner,

Let me get straight to the point.

Acquiring and serving clients can be a pain in the you-know-what.

While yes, there are dream clients that can both pay well and a breeze to work with -- they are as rare as unicorns...

More often than not, you'll probably experience clients that...

• Haggle price down...
• Fail to even pay you that pittance..
• Bring their toxic tendencies into the working relationship...

And What's Worse?

Thanks to this economy, more and more companies are tightening pursestrings.

Service providers are flooding the marketplace due to mass layoffs. Or getting sold a futile entrepreneurial dream by some gooroo. So competition is fiercer than anytime in history.

The result?


It's like a snarling zombie hoard SWARMING a single survivor.

So even if you're willing to tolerate difficult clients because "hey, everyone needs to eat, right?", there's barely enough of them to go around!

Is There a Way Out of the Hamster Wheel?

Short Answer -- YES.

My name is Kenneth Yu. I'm a serial entrepreneur. A pioneer of the online direct response industry.

This is what the top people In the industry have to say about me

"Kenneth Yu has succeeded in classic direct marketing and the new media."

A rare bird nowadays, when too many people suffer by being specialists without knowing the big picture. Impressive.

- Drayton Bird

"Not only is Kenneth a gifted copywriter, he has become a great friend and trusted marketing celebrity on social media."

A rare bird nowadays, when too many people suffer by being specialists without knowing the big picture. Impressive.

- Perry Belcher

"You. Are. The. Man"

Truly, in just one hour on the phone with you, my business is already beginning to transform. I'm a fan.

- Charles Gaudet

Now, Watch Mark Joyner, the Godfather of Internet Marketing Rave About the Program: 

Here's some of the international ad awards I have won:
As someone who used to be a successful agency owner with 2 dozen staff and a multinational presence... Boasting billion dollar clients like McDonald's, Fujitsu, Groupon, OCBC and Zurich Insurance...

I know what it's like to be at the Top of the Game.

But It Was Exhausting!
Behold my tragic tale.

Here's my house. I used to stay in front of a lake. The golf club was 2 minutes walk away.

This was the view that's SUPPOSED to greet me outside my bedroom window.

However, this is what I see most days.

You see, I opened an office to contain our growing number of staff because business was bustling. It was a distance to get there.

The morning jam was horrendous. And a 20 minute journey could take more than an hour.

In order to avoid it, we needed to leave at 6:30 am.

And to sidestep the evening jam, we only returned home at 10 pm.

5 days a week, sometimes 6. Talk about tiring!

And the crazy bit...

This Is What Success ACTUALLY Looked Like
Because we kept closing clients... The more employees we need to hire... The more systems we need to put into place...

Mitigating Game-of-Thrones office politics.

We watched our cashflow like a hawk as clients sometimes paid late... Sweating bullets as payday loomed for our dozen-or-so team members.

As a result, we sacrificed our luxurious lifestyle to move to a rinky-dinky condo. Since I figured we can't enjoy our million dollar views anyway and needed to be close to the action.

And even though our more successful counterparts in the industry resembled bruised warriors wounded in battle... I still thought I could make it work.

However, Here Was the Last Straw

I went for a pitch at a major telco...

7 figures contract on the line. This would have been the deal THAT CHANGED EVERYTHING.

I worked 24 hours, weekends... Even stopped attending my beloved Sunday services that kept me tethered... Literally camping in the office.

Single-handed WILLING the proposal to life.

And when the big day came...

I showed my hand. Marketing magic tricks. The panel eating from my palm.

They loved my work... and mentioned we had a fighting chance to close the account. I remembered exiting the boardroom with a huge GRIN on my face.

"Nailed it..."

Or so I thought, because alas...

Despite the panel recommendation, their Big Boss overruled them and handed the account to his bungling cousin's agency instead. And that was that.

I soon realized the tender was for show. A way for the higher-ups to cover their butts.

When I heard the news... I curled up in a ball and wept. All those days, months, and years of toil and grind finally getting to me.

After a few days of just sleeping the devastation away... My wife gently nursing me back to baseline...

I picked myself off the ground and dusted myself, resolving...


You probably can identify with me, right?

• The long hours...

• The merry-go-round of invoicing and chasing after payments...

• The entrepreneurial dream devolved into a nightmare...

No passion... No joy... Just going through the motions for the sake of survival.

Well, here's the good news...
In a moment, I'm going to reveal the model that changed everything. Granting me the lifestyle of my dreams.

Enabling me to stand strong during Covid season -- even as the world collapsed around us.

And during the non-lockdown periods, to enjoy lovely trips with my lovely wife. Like these ones:

But first...
Here's why you're not making the money you deserve.
  • Why you keep getting saddled by rando clients that make your life a living hell...
  • Why despite going over and beyond to deliver, you remain underappreciated...
  • Why you're stuck making even less than the day job you hated and quit.
The simple reason?
You're using the Wrong Wealth Vehicle
Let me explain.

Different vehicles bring you to different destinations.

If you want to go on land, you need a car.

If you need to go to sea, you need a boat.

Try driving a car in the ocean... it'll sink right?

Therefore, if you want to hit a specific wealth destination (income level), you need a vehicle that gets you there.
So Let's Zoom In on the Service Provider Wealth Vehicle ...

No matter how capably you hire better people, implement more efficient systems, or even get higher paying clients -- you CAN'T CHANGE the dollars for hours equation.

Mathematically it means to make more money, you need to put in more hours.

No exceptions.

Resulting in a cap in your income

What's worst...

The more clients you have, the harder you have to work

It's the rat race in another form.

That's why I chuckle with amusement when all those FB ads and gooroos try to sell you on attracting MORE leads and signing on MORE clients.

This means more complexity.

You may need to hire... And let me tell you -- good help is HARD to find.

You work longer hours.

Plus you need to balance the tightrope between keeping your clients happy and hunting for new ones. Always precarious!

You're worn out at the end of the day.

And you know something crazy?

You're one of the lucky ones!

Because the sad-sack ones have ZERO clients.

Man, I bet all of you have prospecting nightmares. After all, rejections SUCK.

Here's some of mine. The especially brutal ones.

1.) The one where they say, "nah, not interested..." after I took the time and expense to fly to another country when he agreed to the appointment.
2.) The one where they say "I don't care about the quality of your work, please give me the cheapest price. We'll sort by who can give us above-market quality for below-market rates".
3.) The one where the notorious underperforming CMO rocks up to the boardroom and snidely says "Impress me".

I still feel a bit cringey typing this out!

No wonder I have so little hair.

Here's the stark truth...

You Can't Drive a Maserati to the Moon

I mean... You can pimp your ride as much as you want, but it still can't reach the stars.

If you want to go to space, you need a rocket ship.

If you desire a stratospheric income, you need the right wealth vehicle to propel you there.

Same amount of energy... Same amount of hustle... But an amplified result.

So that's what I did.

I cashed out that agency... Made a bit of money... Went on a soul-searching journey as I traveled the world... Using the savings to find a superior wealth model.

Finally, I stumbled across a game-changing one in March 2020.

It was the start of the pandemic. My wife and I just came from our Australian trip, 4 hours before the borders closed on the world once and for all.

Bored with nowhere else to go...

I launched a course outlining how experts can fund their expertise through online marketing. Since their live events started getting canceled one-by-one.

I wasn't expecting much. I just wanted to help my fellow citizens to unlock an additional income stream to tide them over.

To my amazement, the minute we opened the cart... Sales started RUSHING in.

Ka-ching. Ka-ching. Ka-ching.

When the dust settled...

We Made $101,587 from 213 FB Group Members!
This is what I woke up...

No worries. No concerns. Just questions on how to best steward the flood of cashflow.

Since then, I have replicated this model and made me and my family a sizable sum.

The magic business model I call...

Fire Your Clients!

So how does the FYC model work? 6 easy steps:

1.) I build an audience based on "gurufication" principles
2.) I find out what the audience wants
3.) I create a positioning for my program
4.) I create a Gravitational Course using my best practice education curriculum
5.) I sell it to my list and enjoy high conversions due to them getting what they want
6.) I hire and get JV managers to promote it to other partners

And now life is FAR more enjoyable.

• I wake up whenever I want.
• I work the hours I want.
• I actually make a lot more with a lot less stress.

I mean, these sales are from the past 3 months ALONE.

Pretty cool, no?

Just a few simple email swipes. In the midst of an economic meltdown.

No additional work. No need to generate leads, do cold emails... Hoping that just one of your painstakingly-created proposals gets accepted...

So you can feed your family just another month.

And sure, you don't have to fire ALL your clients.

You can choose to work with the more rewarding ones.

In fact with the FYC model, you can even start attracting those "unicorns". Thanks to your elevated authority.

The cool ones that are less demanding but pay more. Respecting your expertise instead of questioning them all the time.

I still take on 3 - 4 clients max A YEAR.

They pay me $25 - 100k apiece.

In fact, here's proof.

However, here's the cool part... they're really a SIDE gig, something I take on to remain sharp.

Bonus money, really.

Because I make the bulk of my money from the courses part of the business.

So you might be thinking...

FYC is about creating an online course, right? With the multitude of programs out there...

What's Your Unique Spin?

Easy... I take a Z-to-A approach.

Most other course creation programs talk about "passion to profits". Translate your expertise into a course.

The problem with that is it doesn't take into account market needs and consumer demands... And the net result is a course that makes either very little or nothing at all.

Look... If you're allocating precious time to create a course... You wanna ensure it's a bestseller to make it worth your while.

The FYC model has a far higher hit-rate because instead of productizing your passion, we productize the market. In other words, we find out what the market wants and then give it to them - using your expertise as a solution they're looking for.

Therefore, you increase your chances of success because your customers are hungry for it.

Now... Let's take Z-to-A to a whole new ninja level...

I'd also apply this strategy to big super affiliate lists as well.

I find out what their giant databases are hungry for... And I create products to match those lists.

The end result is that you're assured of MASSIVE sales -- right from the start.

Already, we're building a product for a list owner with a MILLION subscriber base.

Even at a measly sub-1% conversion rate, you can do the math.

As you can see... It's not just about creating courses...

There's an entire economic engine to accomplish those results.. Not a piecemeal "passion into profit" approach that leaves you high-and-dry after you create your course.

So without further ado...

You're 2 Days Away to Discover How to Create Courses That Replace Your Services-Based Income So You Can Work Less and Make More -- Without Stress or Anxiety!

All the nuts and bolts. Pulling back to reveal Fire Your Clients money-making machine powering my dream lifestyle.

In a 3 Hour Workshop on May 30 (TUE):

8.00 am EST | 8.00 pm GMT+8

Here's the syllabus:

Module 1 -- Research
• How to read your prospect like an open book... Their hopes, dreams, fears and fantasies laid bare for your roving eyes.
• Why harping on your solutions shrink your potential audience (and what to do instead)
• The insider secret how courses crack the million dollar mark -- and it has nothing to do with expertise, funnels and tech.
• And much more.

Module 2 -- Positioning
• A simple 5-step process to create a course that sells itself
• Hitching your ride on trends is the quickest, easiest way to cement your place as a thought leader. How then to ride the next wave.
• THE STAGGERING POWER OF WHEN: How to 10X your results JUST by savvy timing — even if everything else remains the same
• And much more.

Module 3 -- Audience
• Guru 101: 5 effortless tweaks to quickly ascend the go-to thought leader position in your industry (Hey, it worked for a relatively-unknown Malaysian like me).
• How to create content that legitimately moves the dial (aka sales).
• OTHER PEOPLE'S AUDIENCE: A legit way to build your fan base on other people's platforms, and tastefully move them to your own -- without drama or ill-will.
• And much more.

Module 4 -- Sale
• MAGIC NUMBERS: The exact tracking metrics to make super-affiliates (and their GIANT lists) salivate at the thought of promoting your offer.
• How to hire the ideal JV Manager who has a huge network, relentless in follow-up and generates sizable ROI for you.
• THE GRADUATION GRADIENT: How I ascend $67 purchases into $7,990 mentorships, transforming my mailing list into a prolific Golden Goose.
• And much more.

The more you're reading this, the more you realize how much Fire Your Clients can help you escape the rat race and unleash a passive income stream.

So Kenneth, How Much Is It?

The same program was about AT LEAST USD799 the last round, with the premium tiers going to USD10,000.

Well, guess what. It's only a fraction of that.

The Fire Your Clients Workshop is Just USD25!

Say what?!

After all, 80 workshop sales = My Premium-Tier Empire Mastermind.

So it's not about the money. Therefore, why am I doing this?

Here's 3 reasons.

1. My methodologies create impact

CONFESSION: I want more buyers addicted to my stuff.

It's not (just) an ego thing.

With success stories like these, it's no wonder why.

With that level of impact, I'm greedy for more.

The more, the merrier. So I'm lowering the barriers of entry.

2. I want to create a WYODC Ecosystem

WYODC stands for Write Your Own Damn Cheque, the movement for anyone who has purchased my programs.

Heck it's already happening -- with 100's of followers from around the world. But for a movement to work, it needs critical mass.

I'd been subsisting on high ticket clients all this while, and while they're amazing... I need bigger numbers to create more impact.

Again the more, the merrier.

3. Hey, there's a recession.

No matter how the Biden administration defines it.

People need a leg up. Inflation is rampant and the maco climate does look uncertain.

Yet, my business chugs on and is still growing.

The ethos of WYODC is to get as many people on the journey to "Planet Prosperity" as much as possible.

And you guessed it -- the more, the merrier.

Yes Wait, There's More...

Because I REALLY want you to be part of the WYODC ecosystem, here's USD2,193 of bonuses to sweeten the pot...

BONUS #1: Terrain Telepathy Audience Portal (USD297)

The whole gist of firing your clients is to intimately understand your customers so when your course is created — it sells itself.

You accomplish that feat with my magic market research document -- compiled after years of tweaking and refinement.

Some of my WYODC members actually closed clients using the document because prospects were WOWED at how incisive the questions are.

It's yours free with every FYC workshop investment.

BONUS #2: UFO Irresistible Offer Process (USD999)

Packaging matters.

There's a reason why fine dining restaurants make as much as they do and possess sky-high margins... Even though they use the same ingredients as far cheaper joints.

I will teach you how to "fine dine" your offer, so you increase the perceived value.

In fact recently... I used these very same principles to both increase my fees by 25% AND 6x conversions. This is ninja stuff.

BONUS #3: IMPULSE INCUBATOR FB Group Launch Model: (USD897)

I used FB Group launches to sell tons of my courses. 5-day masterclasses that pull in money on autopilot.

This is my secret sauce that powers a significant segment of my business.

And now it's automated to the point and I don't even need to lift a finger and money pours in.

You get a recording of how I effortlessly do this. Together with the templates used to train cheap VAs to run these challenges.

You don't have to worry about webinars, JVs and tech setups anymore.

And in case you can't make it for any reason, you'll also get...


Try the course for 3 hours -- LIVE.

If you don't derive any value from the workshop, you can ask for your refund.

Easy peasy.

You will also lose access to all the bonuses to be fair to the rest that stayed on.

So what are you waiting for?

You're 1 click away from a life free of sanity-robbing clients.

To get started, click on the button that says "Add To Cart" to claim Fire Your Clients at this special price of USD 25 now.

As if that's not enough, let me throw in one more bonus.

You get YET another free gift for you worth $198.

It's the WYODC community

The WYODC community is the ultimate platform for hungry marketers and entrepreneurs to dream together on how to make more money -- while creating massive impact.

In order to achieve success, It's not good to be alone. And there's a hungry group of like-minded individuals working toward the common goal of financial freedom.

This is USD2,690 of value... All yours for just $25. (That's 98.85% off)

All you need to do is click the button and enter your details.


So, what's next? 3 paths lie before you...

Option 1: You put your head in the sand

You can slave away in the hope that a miracle will come. A lucky break. That somehow, all this sacrifice is worth it.

But honestly, the odds are against you.

You need to transcend the dollars-for-hours model.

No matter how hard you try, a car won't take you to outer space.

Only the right wealth vehicles can take you to the right wealth destinations

Option 2: You can try to figure this all out on your own

Creating courses should be easy. But it's not.

If you tried it, you know it's one thing to create a course, it's another to market it. And then make a living from it.

And finally...

Option 3: You can take control of your business right now.

You can fire all your clients and finally live a life of time and financial freedom.

Imagine... No more angry emails... Or unreasonable deadlines... Seeing your Stripe and Paypal ringing with sales.

Once you implement principles in Fire Your Clients, your greatest desires are finally within your reach.

Just Say "YES..." ... "YES" to the $2,690 worth of amazing gifts just waiting for you to claim... Just by clicking the button.

Just Say "YES..." Because you can't delay any more... Why spend more time in feast or famine client hell when there's a convenient way out?

Just Say "YES..." Because with just a single decision, you can enjoy elevated freedom and enjoyment by having a full bank account and copious amounts of time.

Click here today.


To the Pursuit of Dreams, Desire and Destiny,
Kenneth Yu


Acquiring and managing clients can be a pain in the butt, and it doesn't get easier as you start scaling.

Fire Your Clients is your alternative business model to a services business, teaching you how to leverage your expertise to create courses that sell itself and create a lucrative hands-free income stream.

P.P.S. Here are the workshop dates again.

DATE: May 30 (Wed)

TIME: 8 am EST | 8 pm GMT + 8.

P.P.P.S. Here's EVEN MORE rave reviews from members of the WYODC community.